Former Wesley QB & Gagliardi Trophy winner Callahan making a strong showing at Packers minicamp


Despite not getting invited to an NFL pro day, former Wesley Wolverine Quarterback Joe Callahan managed to capture the attention of the Green Bay Packers. Listed at 6’1 215 lbs the D3 Callahan threw for 5,036 yards and 55 touchdowns last season. The record breaking performance led Callahan to capturing the Gagliardi Trophy, which is the equivalent to the famous Heisman Trophy at a bigger level of competition. Callahan has impressed the Packers so much that he figures to be their No.3 QB on the depth chart behind former UCLA standout Brett Hundley and of course Aaron Rodgers. Once Callahan makes the transition from a simplified offensive playbook in D3 to a much more complex scheme in the NFL, he’ll be just fine. After all, here’s a guy who was #OVERLOOKED

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