Is Carson Wentz “the guy” in Philly?


When the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Carson Wentz 2nd overall in this year’s draft, it was all but clear that the small school QB would be the starter. However, all the rumors that Sam Bradford was going to be out have been squashed as the veteran quarterback competed in minicamp today where sources say he looked equally as good as the rookie Wentz.

When the Rams took Jared Goff 1st overall in this year’s draft, it became clear that the team felt Wentz was a huge risk because he played in the FCS where many will argue that the level of competition isn’t as good. However, the Eagles obviously saw something they liked in the North Dakota State Quarterback or they wouldn’t have traded up to get him. Yet again, can you blame them?

Wentz fits all the dynamics of being an NFL QB. He’s 6’5 and has vision some compare to that of Peyton Manning the way he can pick a defense apart. Not only can Wentz beat you in the pocket with his pinpointing accuracy and consistent throwing power, he isn’t afraid to scramble to pick up 1st down yardage or dive in the end-zone either. He ran a pro-style offense in college which should transition well to the NFL as well as his ability to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage before the snap. Oh, did I mention he likes to win?

In 2014 it was Wentz who led North Dakota State to their 4th consecutive FCS Championship in a season where he threw for 3,111 yards and 25 touchdowns.  In 2015, Wentz managed to throw for 1,454 yards and 16 touchdowns despite missing 8 games. Determined to compete in the final game of his college career, Wentz returned for the FCS Championship game vs Jacksonville State where he scrambled for two touchdowns and tossed his third as North Dakota State won their 5th consecutive title.

At the NFL combine, Wentz truly showcased his athleticism placing in the top 3 for quarterback performances and scored 40/50 on the wonderlic intelligence test. Should Wentz start for the Eagles he will have plenty to work with this season with key targets Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor,and free agent signing Rueben Randle. Look for Carson Wentz to be trending positively on social media.


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