Williams remains positive despite a rocky road


Former Alfred State star Rasheed Williams might be one of the more talented running backs we’ve seen out of D3 in the last few seasons. However, his journey has been far from easy. After rushing for 1,676 yards and 16 touchdowns in 2014, Williams was cut by the Detroit Lions in May 2015 despite a strong performance in minicamp. Here’s a player who averaged 6.7 yards per carry while averaging 186.2 yards per game on a below average Pioneers squad.

Williams remained positive though and continued training in the offseason. On January 30th 2016, he was drafted by Team Cottrell in the inaugural season of Major League Football. Just when it looked like Rasheed Williams was finally getting the chance he deserved things changed for the worse.

In April, Major League Football announced that they were pulling the plug on their inaugural 2016 season due to a lack of funding and that it would be a developmental year with no competition.

Luckily, the CFL agreed to host tryouts and it was the Saskatchewan Roughriders who showed the most interest in Rasheed Williams. He attended minicamp hosted in Vero Beach, Florida where he displayed so much athleticism that they recently invited him to their training camp in Saskatoon at the end of May.

We wish Rasheed all the best in his journey to the top and remember athletes be patient but never settle! #DontBeOverlooked

Sheed 2



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